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T.I.M.E Multitherapist A combined electrothermal device and various technologies

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T.I.M.E Multitherapist A combined electrothermal device and various technologies

T.I.M.E Multitherapist - Time Multitrapist
Powerful mobile electrothermal unit that combines: electric currents, interpersonal, 
short currents and EMS.
Time Multitrapist is intended for personal use and use by professionals.
T.I.M.E MultiTherapist combines 4 different treatment modes to provide 
therapeutic flexibility to users:
1. TENS (transcutaneous electrical stimulation) relieves pain by blocking pain signals 
to the brain and helping the body release natural painkillers called endorphins.

2. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a recognized therapeutic method for pain relief
 and muscle rehabilitation. 
The method works by creating intense cramps in each specific muscle group, 
to improve functioning of the same muscle group.
3. IFT (interpersonal) provides deep continuous stimulation into tissue while providing deep
 pain relief - and can reduce swelling and inflammation which can often be the source of pain.

4. Micro-stream that provides a more moderate form of muscle stimulation 
to accelerate the natural healing process of the body itselfE
MultiTherapist will help any person who experiences chronic pain such as back, 
shoulders or knee pain and people with common problems such as sciatica and arthritis.
The unit operates on long-term electricity, 
as well as 9V PP3 batteries while on the move 
(battery life lasts about 60 minutes when in Interfunctional mode).
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